Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dr. Rock and Roll - On rohtoo rock'n roll

Eric Lars Four (or just ELF) was an underrated pop/rock group from Kajaani, Finland. At first they acted as the backing group for such famous female artists as Laila Kinnunen, Carola and Katri Helena. In the latter part of the 70's they also recorded two albums and a couple of singles. The first single of ELF was this "On rohtoo rock'n roll" (Rock'n roll is a drug), released in 1976. The original song was written and performed by US singer/songwriter Gary St. Clair. The song was the opening track on his 1971 self-titled album. This album might have been the one and only Gary ever released, becouse I have not found any other releases, or, in fact, ANY information on Gary St. Clair. But at least he could really rock and roll ...
Here's the pair:


Anonymous said...

ELFiltä kannattaa laittaa tänne myös "En liepeisiis jää roikkumaan"

Vieras J

DM said...

Thanks for the request "Vieras J". I'm happy to announce that it's coming this or next week.