Friday, September 17, 2010

Livin' Thing - Tule kiivetään

The Frederik Friday returns!. Frederik recorded "Tule kiivetään" (Come on, let's climb up) in 1977 for his album "Olen Dracula". It's not one of Frederik's best efforts, but well worth listening to, at least for the sake of curiosity. The original is namely one of Electric Light Orchestra's biggest hits, and ELO is quite rarely been covered in Finnish. "Livin' Thing" appeared first on ELO's classic 1976 album, "A New World Record". The song was released as a single and went into Top 10 in several countries. A little bit of trivia: Patti Quatro, the sister of Suzi Quatro sang uncredited vocals, particularly the 'higher and higher' parts of "Livin' Thing".

Here's the pair:

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