Monday, September 6, 2010

Ballade pour Adeline - Laulu menneille vuosille

By coincidence, the following 5 finnpicks share the same theme - the concept of TIME (in the Finnish versions, that is). We start with a very rare recording (sorry for the inferior quality) titled "Laulu menneille vuosille" (A song for years gone by), made by a singer named Camilla (b. Camilla Ståhle) in 1980. Camilla started her career in the 70's as a schlager singer, later turning into jazz singing (collaborating with e.g. Finnish jazz legend Heikki Sarmanto), and presently she's performing troubadour songs. The original tune, an intrumental called "Ballade pour Adeline" ("Ballad for Adeline) was composed by the Frenchmen Paul de Senneville and Olivier Toussaint as a tribute to Paul's newborn daughter, Adeline. The first recording was done by famous French pianist Richard Clayderman (b. Philippe Pagès) For the recording, the then 23 year old Clayderman was auditioned along with 20 other pianists and got the job, becouse "he was an interesting musician with a soft touch and good technique, and he looked good, too (Olivier Toussaint)". You can see Richard perform the tune, here.

Here's the pair:

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Arrowman said...

As I earlier told you here, I never heard of Camilla... well, I was wrong. Now that I heard her, I remembered my old vinyls and there I have "Eurovisio special 1979" there she is covering Netherland's song "Colorado in "Finnpicked" version. Original was sung by Xandra.