Monday, September 20, 2010

You Don't Know - Salaa häntä rakastan

Irmeli Mäkelä (see earlier entry) recorded "Salaa häntä rakastan" (I secretly love him) in 1961. It was released on the B-side of her big hit "Iwan Iwanowitch", and that's why this pretty little ditty has been largely neglected. But it is a really fine version of the original. Which was a song called "You Don't Know" performed by British teen star Helen Shapiro. It topped the UK charts for three weeks in August 1961. Irmeli recorded the song in September, so the Finns seemed to be very aware what was happening in the British pop music already in the pre-Beatles era. BTW, since Helen Shapiro had a deep timbre to her voice - unusual for a girl of her age - school friends gave her the nickname 'Foghorn'. She was only 14 when she recorded "You Don't Know".

Here's the pair:

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