Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sitamalobadudo - Fin de semana - Viikonloppu

Now being weekend we present a song called "Viikonloppu" (Weekend). It was first recorded in Finnish by girl group Seidat in 1972, but that recording I unfortunately don't have. Instead here's the most known Finnish version by Kisu, recorded in 1973 for his "Kun paljon antaa" album. The lyrics were written by veteran lyricist Kari Tuomisaari. The original song called "Sitamalobadudo" was written by our old French friend, songwriter and producer Daniel Vangarde. I don't exactly know who recorded the original version, but the Spanish beat group Los Diablos (finnpicked before, see here) had a big hit with it in 1971 with the title "Fin de semana" (Weekend) and I guess it was just their version that inspired Finnish artists.

Here's the pair:

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