Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tralala - Tra la laa

Markku Aro and Nisa Soraya recorded "Tra la la" in 1984. This 'kind-of-sexy' song provided a small summer hit for them at the time. Nisa was born in Birmingham England, but moved in Singapore at early age and eventually ended up in Finland in 1980. She started her recording career in 1981 by duetting just with Markku Aro. The original "Tralala" was written by Dutch songwriter and producer Eddy Ouwens and it was the only international hit for Dutch male & female duo Phil & Company (the female singer was called "Phil"). You can see the couple perform the song, here. In 2004 a Swedish pop singer Günther made a re-vamped disco version of this song called "Ding Dong Song".

Here's the pair:

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ihana kappale.tätä olisi ihanaa jortsata ja jammata