Sunday, February 20, 2011

They're Coming To Take Me Away Hahaa! - Ne tulee ja hakee mut pois ha-haa

The second of our 60¨s comedy song classics is a special case - it was never released on record! In 1966 there was a popular Comedy series "Kuten haluatte" (As you wish) running on Finnish television. In one of the episodes actor Esko Salminen presented this song "Ne tulee ja hakee mut pois ha-haa". (They'll come and take me away, ha-haa). The perfomance was so captivating that people still remember it after almost 50 years. The song was not released as a single, although it would have been a sure-fire hit. We present here the audio tape recording extracted from that show. Esko Salminen was, and still is, one of the most prominent and populat Finnish actors. He has recorded some songs (mainlychildren songs) but not tried to make any pop records. For some reason the song never got covered in Finnish, until our old friend Moog Konttinen made his own version in 2000 for his solo album "Rock'n roll vuonna 0". We present it here, too. The original song is of course one of the novelty songs' abolute classics, "They're Coming To Take Me Away Hahaa! ! by Napoleon XIV, Napoleon XIV was the 'alter ego' of the American singer-songwriter and record producer Jerry Samuels. The song was Top 5 hit in USA in 1966, and if this A-side wasn't strange enough, on the B-side was the same song played backwards ...

Here's the triplet:

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