Thursday, February 24, 2011

Please Don't Touch - Ei koskettaa saa

Methinks, this is one of the best rock songs ever (at least in it's original version). The group Amulet recorded "Ei koskettaa saa" (No touching allowed) in 1976 for their album "Caddy By Amulet". This hard rocking band was founded in 1968 and was most active in the 1970s. The band had no big hits but it enjoyed steady fan following. The same song was re-finnpicked with different lyrics in 1988, when Pate Mustajärvi released it as "Helvetistä taivaaseen (... ja takaisin)" (From hell to heaven (... and back)) on the B-side of his "Boulevard de la Madeleine" single. Pate Mustajärvi (real name Pauli Mustajärvi) is a Finnish rock legend, both with his band Popeda and in solo, going strong for over 30 years since the end of 1970's. The original of today's finnpicked song was titled "Please Don't Touch" and it was the debut single and first hit (number 25 in UK) for British rockers Johnny Kidd and The Pirates. Johnny Kidd (b. Frederick Heath) also wrote the song. In 1959, when rock music was only just emerging, this must have been really hard stuff, And it still is ...

Here's the triplet:

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One more cover in Finnish recorded by the roadie of Pate Mustajärvi's band Popeda: "Viikonputki" by Raaka-Arska & Rengasraudat. Can be found in Spotify.