Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ibo Lele - Mombasa

It seems that we have Taiska Sunday again. This time we present the definitive Taiska song. She recorded "Mombasa" in 1975. It became top 10 hit in 1976 and it has since been one of the most popular Finnish records of all time. Therefore it's quite extraordinary that very few have heard the original tune called "Ibo lele". Well it was of Italian origin and composed by Fabio Frizzi, best known for his horror film scores, which have become some of the most widely known in the genre. But this song was from the score written for a 1974 erotic movie called "Amore Libero" (Free Love), directed by Pier Ludovico Pavoni. It features erotic movie star Laura Gemser ("Black Emmanuelle") in her first role. The movie is not set Mombasa, Kenya, but in the island of Seychelles. Then, what is "Ibo Lele"? Well, having not seen the movie, I don't know. I guess it's a location in Seychelles, becouse there's another tune in the soundtrack called "Ibo Lele at Night".

Here's the pair:


Anonymous said...

Kiitos tästä !
Itsekin olen tuota metsästänyt.

Kyllähän tuo loistava tausta vaati Taiskan laulamaan, jotta tuli toimiva kokonaisuus.

Ilmankos Mombasa soi koko ajan ja Ibo Lele todella harvoin...
Vieras J

Anonymous said...

Ibo Lele, the principal Lwa (spirit) contributed to the pantheon of Haitian Vodou by the Ibo People, it is commonly referred to as Ibo Granmoun. Granmoun means an adult, an elder, or (in Vodou) one who possesses spiritual wisdom. The term Ibo can refer directly to the Ibo natioon, to Ibo Granmoun, or to the songs and dannces of the Ibo nation performed in Vodou ceremonies.