Monday, February 21, 2011

La Pioggia - Mä aurinkoon jään

Matti Esko released his first, eponymous, album in 1971. This "Mä aurinkoon jään" (I'll stay in the sun) was on it and it was also released as a single, however failing to create any chart action. Matti's breakthrough was still some years away. The original song did not tell about sun, in fact the lyrics dealt with rain, "La Pioggia" in Italian, and how the love conquers it; "... rain does not exist if you look at me". The song was was performed in 1969 San Remo music festival by Gigliola Cinquetti, and it became a deserved hit for her. You can see the performance, here. Gigliola is of course best remembered by being the Eurovision Song Contest winner in 1964.

Here's the pair:

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Yllättävän Dannyn kuuloisesti Matti tässä laulaa.

Vieras J