Saturday, February 26, 2011

(Love is) The $ 64,000 Question - Ota tai jätä

It's "Both Sides Now" again. On the flipside of yesterdays Stig Fransman Finnpick was this "Ota tai jätä" (Take it or leave it). The song was more popular in Seija Lampila's version that ws released in the same year 1958. The title was referencing the popular 50's radio quiz show of the same name, hosted by legenadary quiz show host Tauno Rautiainen., The original song was also based on similar theme. It was namely the theme song for "The $64,000 Question" which was a very popular American game show, broadcast from 1955-1958. It had its roots in the CBS radio quiz show, "Take It or Leave It" (on which the Finnish "Ota tai jätä" was also based). The tune was first purely instrumental, but it was put in words in 1956, and several versions of the song was released. We present here the one by Tony Travis. Tony was an actor and singer from the 50's and 60's who had a great voice but litlle success..

Here's the pair:

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