Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Randy - Ändy

As Reijo Karvonen yesterday, the pop group Kalmar Union is a newcomer to Finnpicks. The group released this "Ändy" in 1973 as a single together with the cover of Tremeloes' "Hello Budy". The single was not a commercial success, neither the band. Two members of the band later enjoyed some success as solo artists, and have been presented frequently in Finnpicks; Leo Luoto (bass, lead vocals) and Seppo Närhi (keyboards, vocals) The original Kalmar Union (Kalmarunionen) was a series of personal unions, that united the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (including Finland) under a single monarch in 1397–1523. The original "Ändy" was "Randy", and it was the last hit for British pop group Blue Mink in 1973. Blue Mink was quite popular in UK in the start of 70's scoring 6 Top 20 hits. Most of their hit songs were written by our old friends Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway. Cook was also a singer in the group. The lead singer was, however, Madeline Bell, who later made also a successful solo career.

Here's the pair:

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