Friday, February 11, 2011

L'amour c'est la musique de la vie - Leikin tein

Let's listen to a second Shuky & Aviva cover in a row. Tuulikki Eloranta (see earlier entry) recorded "Leikin tein" (I made it to a play) in 1978 for her album "Niin lähellä". The lyrics were made by veteran wordsmith Sauvo Puhtila. The original Shuky & Aviva song was titled "L'amour c'est la musique de la vie" (Love is the music of the life), and it was co-written by Shuky Levy. The duo made also an english version called "Love Is Like", but it went nowhere. They also tried to be big in Japan and made a Japanese´version (You can hear it here).

Here's the pair:

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