Tuesday, January 12, 2010

48 Crash - Kun oot 52

Muska (see earlier entry) is the kid sister of Kirka Babitzin. She had several hits in the 70's and she was the first successful Finnish female rock singer. One of her first hits was this "Kun oot 52" (When you're 52) in 1973. It was written by ace UK songwriter duo Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman (a.k.a. Chinnichap) and the original gutsy interpretation was done by Suzi Quatro (b. Susan Kay Quatrocchio). Suzi was born is USA, but moved to London in 1971 and made a stunning career under the wings of producer Mickie Most and Chinnichap songwriters. This "48 Crash" was her second hit. I often wondered what the song was all about. Well, now I know ;-). It is about male menopause, which is a condition that can occur in men around age 48 where they experience many symptoms of female menopause (hot flashes, fatigue), as well as sexual dysfunction. You can see Suzi perform this song, here, or alternatively, here.

Here's the pair:

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