Friday, January 8, 2010

Seven Lonely Days - Seitsemän päivää

Some of you must have noticed that Finnpicks is counting up numbers. This time we have reached number seven. Not much is known about Anita Kuusi. Her real name was Alice Taimitarha and this "Seitsemän päivää" (seven days) is her only recording and it was released in 1953. Some say this is the first Finnish rock'n roll record. Well, actually it is western swing, but that's not far away from early rock'n roll. Anita is accompanied here by "Karjapojat" (Cowboys) and the Orchestra of Onni Gideon. Onni himself plays steel guitar. The original song was called "Seven Lonely Days" and it was a US Top 10 country hit for Bonnie Lou (b. Mary Jo Kath) in 1953. A little later Bonnie Lou became one of the first female Rock & Roll stars who proved to the public that female singers could indeed sing rock and roll.

Here's the pair:

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