Thursday, January 28, 2010

Most Wanted Man in the USA - Merkitty mies

Markus (see earlier entry) released "Merkitty mies" (Marked man) as a single in 1980, but it failed to get any attention. His career was already fading, but this song was catchy and despite the odd lyrics (By Veli-Pekka "VeePee" Lehto) it should have been even a little hit. The original "Most Wanted Man in the USA " was a minor hit for often finnpicked Irishman Joe Dolan in 1974 reaching number 14 in Irish charts, but was not bigger international success. The song was written by Peter Yellowstone, a known producer and songwriter, who often collaborated with Joe Dolan, together with Roberto Danova.

Here's the pair:

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ton toisen ku edes sais tubeenn..ton ekan