Saturday, January 23, 2010

Crying In The Wind - Tuuli Viedä Saa

Now, this was, and still is, one of my favourite 60's songs. Laila Halme recorded "Tuuli Viedä Saa" (The wind can take it)) in 1963. Laila represented Finland in Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Muistojeni laulu". (it came last) in that same year. Despite being a good singer and having a couple of hits in the start of 60's she never really broke through. This song, however, is one of the best, The original "Crying In The Wind" is a lesser-known Paul Anka song. He wrote it and sang it. But it never was a hit and it's quite rarely played anywhere anymore, Which is a pity, becouse I think it is one of Anka's better tunes.

Here's the pair:


Tylli ja Tyttö said...

Hei, kävimme kurkaamassa blogiasi :) Meillä on nyt myös oma blogi (, käy vastavierailulla : )

S & H

Arrowman said...

I agree on this one.
One of Anka's greatest hits and very POWERFUL, excellent example of the POWER of his voice in early 60's.
Definitely on top 40 on my 60's list...