Monday, August 2, 2010

Two Kinds of Lovers - Hän sinut jättää

This is to my mind one of the finest moments in the Finnish 60's pop music. Topmost (see earlier entry) recorded "Hän sinut jättää" (She will be leaving you) in 1967. It is superbly arranged and sung harmony pop, and - in my opinion - beats the original, whatever it is. The original song was called "Two Kinds of Lovers" and it was written by American songwriter duo Kasha and Hirschhorn. The song was included in the first album (1966) by Spanish pop group Los Bravos, and I guess Topmost picked it up from there, becouse they also covered the "Black Is Black" from the same album. Probably it is not the original version, but I have not found any other, of which the one by Australian/British group The Gibsons is a strong contender. Los Bravos was by far the most popular (internationally) Spanish pop group in the 60's. The band originally were an amalgamation of two Spanish pop groups, Los Sonor and The Runaways. Their lead singer, Mike Kogel (aka Mike Kennedy), was from Germany.

Updated on 18.09.2010: added The Gibsons' version, which clearly is the one that Topmost brilliantly covered.

Here's the triplet:

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