Thursday, August 26, 2010

Old Spinning Wheel - Vanhan kartanon kehräävä rukki

We have not presented 50's songs for a long time. Well, here's one - very popular in Finland at the time. Seija Lampila recorded "Vanhan kartanon kehräävä rukki" (Spinning wheel in the old mansion) in 1958. Seija studied ballet dancing, but turned into singing at the start of the 50's. She had couple of hits in that decades but she quit singing at the turn of the 60's. Lampila was not the first one to cover this song - Georg Malmsten had done it already in the 30's. The lyrics were provided by the legendary Finnish singer and songwriter Martti Jäppilä. "Old Spinning Wheel" (a.k.a "There's An Old Spinning Wheel In The Parlor") was the title of the original song. It was written by American composer William "Bill" J. Hill in 1930. The first popular recording was done by English bandleader Ray Noble in 1934 whose version hit the number one in U.S. charts at the time. After the WW II, Slim Whitman's version was another big success.

Here's the pair:

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