Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fattie Bum Bum - Lihava on lämmin

More of the reggae style ... Easy was a short-lived Finnish soft rock group in the latter part of 70's. It was led by singer and songwriter Roni Kamras, who'se first band was Musakatit. Musakatit made a couple of singles and they were re-recorded along with some other songs and made to an album called "Easy" in 1979. This "Lihava on lämmin" (Fat is warm) was one of those Musakatit singles (from 1976), but the version here is from that "Easy" album. It's an excellent piece of laid-back reggae and should have been a big hit. The lyrics were done by Juha Vainio. The song was at first offered to Petri and Petterson Brass, but they turned it down, and in fact was one of the reasons why Petri decided to leave Brass and concentrate start solo career with totally different kind of music. The original version of this song was done by a Jamaican reggae singer and percussionist Carl Malcolm, who also wrote it. It was called "Fattie Bum Bum" and reached number 8 on the UK Singles Chart in 1975. It was the only chart success for Malcolm.

Here's the pair:

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