Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh Lady Mary - Voi pikku Meeri

Simon Scott (real name Veikko Salonen) was an aspiring new singer talent at the start of 70's. Following the tracks of Tapani Kansa, Markku Aro etc., he tried to establish himself as a pop star. Well, he got the voice and the looks, but he never succeeded. One of his single releases was this "Voi pikku Meeri" (Oh little Meeri) in 1971, sung to the lyrics of Chrisse Johansson. The covered song "Oh Lady Mary" was made popular in Europe by a Dutch-born singer named David Alexandre Winter (b. Leon Kleerekoper), who - under the name John van Doorn - was once a DJ at legendary pirate station Radio Veronica. After moving to France his debut single, "Oh Lady Mary", sold over million copies and it was number one for five weeks in 1969. Winter sung for Luxembourg at the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest (The song, "Je suis tombé du ciel", came last with zero points).

Updated on 26.08.2010: added the original 1967 Turkish song "Samanyolu" (Milky Way) performed by Berkant.

Here's the triplet:

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