Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dance With A Dolly/Buffalo Gals - Molla-Maijan tanssi

Laila Kinnunen recorded "Molla-Maijan tanssi" (Dance of the Molla-Maija doll) in 1961. For some reason it was released twice - each with different B-side. However, it turned out to be non-hit. But manifested Laila's versatility as a singer. The Finnish lyrics were provided by Sauvo "Saukki" Puhtila and the arrangement by Jaakko Salo.  The original was an American traditional song that was first published already in 1844 with the title "Lubly Fan". It was popular in minstrel shows throughout the United States and the title of the song was changed according to the location it was adapted. The most known have to be the version called "Buffalo Gals", recorded later by Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen (see it here) and others. Under the title "Dance With A Dolly (With A Hole In Her Stocking)" it was first recorded by Terry Shand and His Orchestra in 1939. It became hit during World War II, when performed by Vera Lynn. You can hear that version here.  It was also included in the 1945 movie "Her Lucky Night", where The Andrews Sisters made a brilliant performance of it (see here).   But I've chosen this version by American actress, comedian and singer Damita Jo (b. Damita Jo DeBlanc) to pe presented here in Finnpicks. Simply becouse I like it very much :-). Damita Jo had a also minor hit with it in Scandinavia in 1961-62. 

84 Finnpicks to go.

Here's the pair:

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quadibloc said...

Actually, the version occasionally attributed in error to Vera Lynn was by Evelyn Knight. (Vera Lynn did record it much later, in 1979.)