Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ship In The Sky - Lentsikkalaulu

The famous Finnish lyricist Pertti "Pertsa" Reponen started his musical career as a member of folk group Hootenanny Trio. He also recorded one single under his own name (although the whole Hoonteananny Trio was performing) in 1966, on the crest wave of so called 'protest' songs. On the A-side was this "Lentsikkalaulu" (Airplane song), and it was a modest hit for Pertti. The Finnish lyrics were, of course, done by Pertsa himself. The original song was written and performed by American folk legend Woody Guthrie. It was called "Ship In The Sky" (a.k.a "My Daddy Flies A Ship In The Sky") and it has become classic as it is, but also a popular nursery rhyme. In reference to lyrics, it's interesting to note that at the time both USA and Finland used prisoners as a work force at airfield construction sites.

78 Finnpicks to go.

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