Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Remember When I Loved Her - Sai kaiken muuttumaan

Agents' specialty is to pick up lesser known songs and make exquisite new - and I dare to say better than original - versions of those. This "Sai kaiken muuttumaan" (She made everything change) is a fine example. The band recorded it for their 2003 "Agents is ... Tonight" album. The Finnish lyrics were done as early as 1966 - when the first Finnish version was released - by Juha Vainio. The original song was called "I Remember When I Loved Her" and it was Rod Argent -written song from the Zombies "Begin Here" debut album.

74 Finnpicks to go.

p.s. Right now I'm traveling, so I'm not able to update this blog daily.

Here's the pair:

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