Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Paradise - Paratiisi

My "guilty pleasure" ten years ago was listening to a song called "Paradise" performed by teen songstress Kaci. At the time I didn't know that the song was actually published some 20 years earlier and even covered in Finnish. Well, now I know. Armi Aavikko recorded "Paratiisi" (Paradise) in 1983. For some reason it was released only on a compilation album. It would certainly deserved to be released as a single. The Finnish lyrics were crafted by Kaisu Liuhala, whom we met a couple of finnpicks ago. The original song was the theme song for the 1982 teen movie "Paradise", sung by Phoebe Cates who also starred in the leading role. "Paradise" was her debut movie and was famous for several soft nude scenes.

91 Finnpicks to go.

Here's the pair:

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