Saturday, October 8, 2011

One Two Three - Matkaan vaan

Mona Carita got to be known as sexy disco chick singing cute and silly disco songs. But she did also other kind of music. Like this country-flavoured road song "Matkaan vaan" (To the road), It was released as the final track on her album "Nykyaikainen" in 1981. The Finnish lyrics were written by Raul Reiman. The original song was called "One Two Three" and it was a Euro-hit for the Dutch girl duo Maywood. The duo consisted of sisters Alie and Doetie de Vries, who used stage names Alice May and Caren Wood respectively. They were relatively unknown in Finland, but immensly popolar in Russia. Today's finnpicked song was written by Alice May. Maywood represented Netherlands in the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest with "Ik wil alles met je delen" (no success, but they beat Finland ;-)).

88 Finnpicks to go.

Here's the pair:

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