Monday, August 8, 2011

Truck Driving Man - Rekkakuski

Kari Tapio (or Kari Jalkanen, as he was called at the time) recorded the song "Rekkakuski" (Truck driver) in 1974. It was released on an album called "Aikapommi". The album consisted of country songs performed by Kari and Erkki Liikanen. Both artists were friends of country music and Erkki was already a star at the time, but Kari was just starting his career. The Finnish lyrics for this song were made by Liikanen. The original "Truck Drivin' Man" was an old popular country song written and recorded by American country musician Terry Fell in 1954.  One of his band members, Buck Owens, sang harmony with him on this original recording, and in 1965, Owens recorded the song himself. Several other versions exist.

Here's the pair: