Friday, August 5, 2011

Hard Luck Woman - Nainen kaataa

Two weeks ago we presented a Kiss cover (by Frederik), and this Friday we present another - a completely different one. The short-lived rock group Tries recorded only 3 singles and 2 albums. This "Nainen kaataa" (A woman knocks you down) was their second single and released in 1979. The Finnish lyrics were provided by master of rock poetry, Juice Leskinen. However, it was no success, nor were the other recordings. The Kiss original was called "Hard Luck Woman" being a very atypical Kiss song. Rumour has it that Kiss member Paul Stanley wrote it for Rod Stewart, but after he turned it down, Kiss themselves recorded it, with drummer Peter Criss in lead vocals. And he sounds very, very much like Stewart on this. The song was the lead single from their 1976 album "Rock and Roll Over", and peaked at number 15 in Hot 100 Billborad chart.

Here's the pair:

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