Thursday, August 25, 2011

(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - Nalle-karhu

The "Finnish King Of Rock'n Roll" Pekka Loukiala (see earlier entry) kept quite a low profile in the latter part of the 60's playing mainly in the dance music bands. In the 70's during rock'n roll revival, he started recording again and did some Elvis covers. This "Nalle-karhu" (Teddy Bear) was first one of those, released in 1974. The single, on whose flipside was cover of "Baby I Don't care" failed to make charts. Elvis Presley recorde the original "(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear" in 1957, and it became a number one hit in the summer of that year. BTW, as you all know, the teddy bear is a stuffed toy bear, but did you know the story behind the name. You can read it here.

Here's the pair:

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