Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boogie On Reggae Woman - Kun tulin stadiin

The soul-, funk- or reggae hits were rarely covered in Finland. This one song is an example of actually all of those. The group Uranus recorded the song "Kun tulin stadiin" (When I arrived in the city) in 1975 for their one and only album "Aamun hauta". Uranus was short-lived soulfunk/prog -group in 1970's. One can surely label them as an album group, becouse they never released any singles ;-). The original song was called "Boogie On Reggae Woman" and it was a 1974 single by Stevie Wonder, taken from the album "Fulfillingness' First Finale". It reached number 3 in Billboard Hot 100 Chart. The song features Wonder's distinctive harmonica, and is also notable for Wonder's pulsating Moog synthesizer bassline.

Here's the pair:

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