Saturday, August 27, 2011

One Way Wind - Ikuinen tuuli

A singer named Heino Mara recorded only one single, in 1972. And that's about all I know of him. On the A-side of his sole recording product was this "Ikuinen tuuli" (Eternal wind). The Finnish lyrics were written by Chrisse Johansson and the arrangement was done by Heikki Laurila, better known as a top guitarist. Needless to say, this single went nowhere. The original song came from Netherlands. It was performed by The Cats, who were a rock band from the city of Volendam. They were key figures of what came to be called the "Palingsound" (eel-sound), label for the music from artists residing in Volendam (the country's top seafood city). This "One Way Wind" was composed by band member Arnold Muhren, and the song became The Cats' biggest ever hit. The song was inspired by the divi-divi trees of the Windward Islands. The growth of the trees is often contorted by the trade winds at coastal sites where it often grows. Hence the title "One Way Wind" ...

Here's the pair:

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