Tuesday, May 17, 2011

He's So Fine - Siis jos vain

Lea Laven released "Siis jos vain" (So, if only) on her album "Lea Laven" in 1987. The Finnish lyrics were provided by Chrisse Johansson. It's quite a mystery why this classic had not been covered before. Well - a couple of years later it was finnpicked again, by The Clifters. They performed it on their "Sexi on in" album under the title "Ou Lenita" (Oh Lenita) to new Finnish lyrics by Jaana Rinne. The original song was one of the most famous pop songs "He's So Fine" originally made by all-girl vocal group The Chiffons (finnpicked earlier, see here, see also the "My Sweet Lord" entry). It topped the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in the spring of 1963. The Tokens (of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" fame) produced the song and played on the backing track. 

Here's the triplet:

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