Thursday, May 26, 2011

California Dreaming - Kalajoen hiekat

Tapani Kansa recorded "Kalajoen hiekat" (The sands of Kalajoki) in 1978, at the time that everything was discofied. This was the disco version of the original that - for some inexplicable reason - never before had been covered in Finnish. The Finnish lyrics that depicted the fun and sun in the sands of Kalajoki were done by Tapani himself. Kalajoki, in the western coast of Finland, has been named "The Riviera of the North". The original song was the classic "California Dreaming", the 1965 song by Mamas & Papas. The song was written by the group members John and Michelle Phillips already in 1963. You can see Mamas & Papas perform thes song here,   , but here in Finnpicks we present the first recoded version done by Barry McGuire (of "Eve of Festruction" fame), a good friend of the group. Mamas & Papas are doing the bacground vocals on this. You can read the background of "California Dreaming", here

Here's the pair:

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