Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It Never Rains In Southern California - Antaa tulla lunta tupaan

"Antaa tulla lunta tupaan" (Let the snow inside the house, for all I care) was the title (lyrics by Hector) of the song that Cay & The Scaffolds released in 1972. The Scaffolds was one of the pioneering Finnish guitar groups, founded in 1962.  For three years it was quite popular, scoring the first Finnish vocal beat group hit with self-penned "Girls" in 1963. The vocalist was at that point Cay Karlsson, and the group's name was changed to Cay & The Scaffolds. The band broke up in 1965, but was briefly re-united in 1972, when they recorded today's finnpick, with the cover of Don McLean's "Vincent" on the flipside. Hector later re-wrote the lyrics for Kirka, who recorded this song in 1983 for his album "Täytyy uskaltaa" with the title "Viikon verran sankareina" (Heroes for a week). The original song "It Never Rains In Southern California" was a big hit for Albert Hammond in 1972. It was written by Hammond and his songwriting partner Mike Hazlewood. You can see Albert perform the song, here.  BTW - you can monitor the weather in Southern California here.

Here's the triplet:

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