Friday, May 6, 2011

Don't Go Down To Reno - Älä lähde rakkain

Now we go west ... Markku Aro recorded "Älä lähde rakkain" (Don't go darling) in 1972. It was released on the "Oo mikä nainen" -album and on the flipside of "Täyttä totta" (cover of Slade's "Look wot you dun") single. The Finnish lyrics this time were made by Vexi Salmi. The original song "Don't Go Down To Reno" was written by famous songwriting duo Mitch Murray and Peter Callander and performed by Tony Christie ((b. Anthony Fitzgerald). Christie is best remembered by his rendition of "Amarillo" (see earlier entry). Reno, Nevada is known as "The Biggest Little City in the World", ant it's famous for its casinos and liberal divorce laws. Like the lyrics say: "In Reno town for a few dollars down, you can buy yourself a separation". You can see Tony perform a live version in 1979, here.

Here's the pair:

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