Friday, March 25, 2011

Passion Flower - Kaipuun kukka

Tuula Ikäheimo recorded "Kaipuun kukka" (Flower of yearning) in 1959 meeting with quite big success with it. Tuula had a short recoding career in 1958-1961 comprising only of 9 songs This "Kaipuun kukka" was the most popular. The original melody was based on Beethoven's famous "Für Elise". The schlager version "Passion Flower" was first made popular in 1957 by an American vocal group called The Fraternity Brothers. On this recording they were featuring Gil Fields (real name Gilbert Garfield), who was a member of another vocal group The Cheers and who also was co-writer of the song. It was a big hit in Europe in German version "Rote Rosen werden blüh'n" (Red roses will bloom) performed by Caterina Valente. This version was undoubtedly also the inspiration for Tuula's Finnish version. But let's hear Caterina perform the song in somewhat rarer French language interpretation.

Here's the triplet:

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Magomusiikki said...

Spotifysta löytyy myös Lea Lavenin versio Kuihtuu ruusu kauneinkin, sanat Juha Vainio, sov. Veikko Samuli, 1989. Lisäksi Marion on tehnyt toimivan vastaavan nimellä Laitoin peliin panoksen, sanat: Vexi Salmi alias Antero Ollikainen, sov. Antti Hyvärinen, 1988.
Eikä pidä unohtaa tietysti Fredin Rakkauden sinfoniaa, 1973, sanat Vexi Salmi, sov. Nacke Johansson ja Moroderin Lonely lovers symphonya. Tästä versiostahan taisi jonkun sortin kohu nousta aikanaan.