Monday, March 28, 2011

Sweet City Woman - Kaunis kaupunkilainen

Purema was a Finnish country rock group, active in the 70's and 80's, releasing altogether 4 albums. The debut album "Eks tiä" was released in 1976, and the title track was a minor hit for them. The album included also this "Kaunis kaupunkilainen" (Pretty city woman). The Finnish lyrics were made by group's guitarist Matti Tuominen, who also wrote the majority of band's recorded output. The original song "Sweet City Woman" was massive hit for a canadian rock band The Stampeders in 1971. It climbed the charts to the Number One position across Canada, and after rush-released in the US, reached the Number Eight spot in Billboard Top 100 Chart. The song was written by the group's guitarist Rich Dodson. The hallmark of the song is the use of banjo as the lead instrument.

Here's the pair:

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