Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Arms Full Of Empty - Meiä Veera

This song is the A-side to the ealier Finnpick "Hello Buddy" (see here). This "Meiä Veera" (Our Veera) was a blockbuster hit for Erkki Liikanen in 1974. (see earlier entry). It was the one song that really started his succesful career as a singer, comedian and entertainer. You can see Erkki perform the song in a popular Finnish TV comedy show "Merirosvoradio" (Pirate Radio Station), here. This is one of those songs that is familiar to most Finns but few have heard the original version. The original song was number 32 US country hit in 1973 for Buck Owens and Susan Raye and called "Arms Full of Empty". Both Buck and Susan were established country artists on their own, but collaborated in two albums and a couple of singles in the beginning of 70's. (And Susan even married Owens' drummer ;-))

Here's the pair:

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Anonymous said...

Kiitos tuosta linkistä Merirosvoradioon !
Loistava esitys Ekiltä ja pirteällä koreografialla tanssii taustalla myös Petra Frey.

Vieras J