Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello Buddy - Hello Buddy

Erkki Liikanen is one of the archetypes of Finnish pop music. He's been around since 60's and his first single was the cover of "Speedy Gonzales" in 1962. But his success peaked in the 70's, after he appeared in the popular TV comedy show "Merirosvoradio". This song "Hello Buddy" was recorded in 1974. It was released on the B-side of Erkki's first hit single 'Meiä Veera' (a Buck Owens cover), and the lyrics are written by Erkki himself. The original "Hello Buddy" was one of the numerous hits written by UK songwriter Alan Blaikley. The song was originally performed by one of the 60's pop legends The Tremeloes and it was co-written by the band member Leonard "Chip" Hawkes. This was the last top 40 hit for the band and peaked at number 32 in UK in 1971. You can see them perform it, here.

p.s. The first Finnish version, with different lyrics, was recorded in 1973 by the group Kalmar Union. I will present it here, if I happen to get hold of it.

Here's the pair:

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