Sunday, February 14, 2010

Summer Fly - Oma maailma

This is a haunting song. You want listen to it again and again. Meiju Suvas recorded "Oma maailma" (Own world) in 1993. It was on the flip side of "Ystäväsi aina" (finnpicked earlier, see here) on a single released in 1994. The original song "Summer Fly" was written and sung by Cheryl Wheeler, an American singer-songwriter of contemporary folk music. "Summer Fly" was on his first record, an EP named "Newport Songs" released in 1983, but she recorded it again for her "Half a Book" album released in 1991. The lyrics tell about how your summer would fly by when you were young. Wheeler tours extensively, and her live concerts include comic routines and serious discussions in addition to the songs themselves.

Here's the pair:

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