Saturday, February 20, 2010

At Seventeen - Kun nuori on

Vicky Rosti released "Kun nuori on" (When you're young) on the B-side of her hit 1975 single "Tuolta saapuu Charlie Brown" (finnpicked here). This song was unfortunately over-shadowed by the success of the A-side. It demonstrated the gentler side of Vicky and the excellent lyrics are by Juha Vainio. The original song was written an d sung by a young American singer-songwriter Janis Ian (b, Janis Eddy Fink), who had a hit with it in 1975. She wasn't 17 at the time (she was born in 1951), but she had become famous in the 60's at the age of thirteen when she wrote and sang her first hit single, "Society's Child". It told about an interracial romance forbidden by girl's mother and teachers. The song's lyrical content was taboo for some radio stations, and they banned it from their playlists. Pretty heavy for a 13-year old, eh ....

Here's the pair:

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