Friday, February 19, 2010

Number One - Ykkönen

This song was one of my top favourites in 60's. Kai Lind (see earlier entry) recorded "Ykkönen" (One) in 1963 and it was released as a single. However, the succes didn't match the one with the original. That was an Swedish import called "Number One" and was performed by Jerry Williams (real name Erik Fernström). At the beginning of 60's Jerry was the lead singer in the group The Violents (known in Finland for their "Twistin' Patricia -hit), but soon launched his very succesful solo career. He performed quite energetic stage act, and earned a nick name "Mr. Dynamite". Although his rockn'roll days are way over, Jerry obviously can't slow down, becouse in 2000 he released an album with the name "Can't Slow Down", and it sold gold within a month.

Here's the pair:

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