Sunday, December 5, 2010

You're In My Heart - Oot suonissain

Seppo Närhi recorded "Oot suonissain" (You're in my veins) for his 1978 album "Vieraat huoneet". It was also released as a single (B-side to "Vieraat huoneet", cover of "It's A Heartache"), The A-side was a minor hit, but this flipside did not get much attention. Even if the original song was quite a big hit all over the world. It was "You're In My Heart " and performed in 1977 by Rod Stewart. It was also written by Rod himself and the lyrics mention Stewart's favorite football team in the phrase "Celtic United". You can see Rod perform the song in 2004 in Royal Albert Hall , here, with a lots of audience participation.

Here's the pair:

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