Thursday, December 2, 2010

Whodunit - Hei kuka

Yesterday we had three Finnish brothers singing, today we have brother ans sister duo Anna & Kirka Babitzin. They recorded an album called "Anna & Kirka" in 1978. "Hei kuka" (Hey, who?) was one of the album tracks. As with yesterday's finnpick, the lyrics were written by Pertsa Reponen. The original song was co-written by Frederick "Freddie" Perren, who was a famous American songwriter, record producer, arranger, and orchestra conductor. In the mid and late 70s, Perren found big success writing and producing such mega-hits as "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor and this "Whodunit" by the Tavares (number 1 R&B hit in 1977). Tavares was an American soul band founded already in 1963. It consisted of 5 Tavares bothers Feliciano, Arthur, Perry, Antone and Ralph. You can see the band perform this song, here. The word "whodunit" (for "Who['s] done it?") is derived from the world of detective stories. "Whodunit" is a complex, plot-driven variety of the detective story in which the puzzle is the main feature of interest. Ellery Queen (USA) and Olavi Susikoski (Finland), famous detectives in their respective countries, are referred in the songs lyrics.

Here's the pair:

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