Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ti Guardero Del Cuore - More - Taas

It seems that this mini-series of "Finnpicks Goes To Movies" is also a series of lesser known Finnish 60's female singers. Lilja Luukkanen is one of them. She recorded only one single (in 1965) and this "Taas" (Again) was on it. For some reason this song has in Finland been versioned instrumentally far more times than vocally. Perhaps the reason for this is, that the original version was an instrumental tune. It was on the soundtrack of 1962 Italian 'documentary' film "Mondo Cane" (Dog's World). The film was directed by Paolo Cavara, Franco Prosperi, and Gualtiero Jacopetti, and it consisted glimpses of various odd cultural practices around the world with the intention to shock film audiences. Despite it is claimed to be genuine documentation, certain scenes in the film are either staged or creatively manipulated in order to enhance this effect. The movie's theme song "Ti Guardero Del Cuore" (translated in English version to "More") was written by famous scorewriters Riz Ortolani and Nino Oliviero. The song was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Song, but it didn't win the Oscar. "More" was made an instrumental hit for Kai Winding's Orchestra in 1963,but it has since become an evergreen with many vocal interpretations. We present here the original soundtrack version.

Here's the pair:

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