Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Old Nickelodeon Sound - Vanhat laulut nuo

Matti Esko (see earlier entry) recorded "Vanhat laulut nuo" (Those old songs) in 1990 for his hit album "Reissumies". The lyrics depicted an old sailor reminiscing good old days. The original song was called "The Old Nickelodeon Sound" was an album track on Sailor's second - and most successful - album "Trouble" in 1975. You can see Sailor perform the song, here. Originally "nickelodeon" was the name for an early 20th century form of small neighbourhood movie theatre. But Sailor gave the name to a music instrument they developed. It was a huge two-sided synthesizer with multiple stacks of keyboards. It was used to re-create the multiple instrument sounds used in Sailor's recordings. In addition, the band had no base player, and all base parts were played by nickelodeon, thus contributing in creation of the original sound of Sailor.

Here's the pair:

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