Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Min ton rotas ton ourano - All Alone Am I - Yksin oon mä vain

Here's the B-side to yesterday's finnpick, and it continues the theme 'Finnpicks Goes To Movies'. Markita Mattson's "Yksin oon mä vain" was not a hit, which is a bit odd, becouse the song was very popular worldwide in it's English language version and Markita's Finnish rendering is of quite good standard. The original song, however, was of Greek origin. "Min ton rotas ton ourano" (Don’t ask the sky) was included in the movie "To nisi ton gennaion" (Island of the Brave) and was performed by actor and singer Tzeni (Jenny) Karezi. It was composed by Manos Hadjidakis and for Greeks it is one of the most beloved songs ever played in a movie. You can see the performance, here. This song became an international smash hit under the title "All Alone Am I" in 1962 when interpreted by Brenda Lee (b. Brenda Mae Tarpley).

Here's the triplet:

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