Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Windy - Kuuluthan mulle Windy

The second single of the group New Joys (see earlier entry) l was "Kuuluthan mulle Windy" (Windy, you do belong to me, don't you) recorded in 1967. BTW, on the B-side was a rare Monkees -cover of "Words" (I hope I'm able to present it here sometimes). The song "Windy" that New Joys was covering, was a big worldwide hit for US group The Association. You can see their rare live performance of the song here, but we present here the rarely heard version from the songwriter Ruthann Friedman. Ruthann is an American folk singer, who was part of the growing 60's musical scene of Los Angeles and San Francisco. This is what she had to say about the song: "In 1967, thanks to his kindness, I was living in a spare room in David Crosby's home in Beverly Glenn Canyon. It was while living there that I wrote the song Windy. The Association recorded it and my life changed forever. The success of that simple tune gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted."

p.s. that's Ruthann herself in upper left corner pic posing as "Windy"...

Here's the pair:

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