Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mary in the Morning - Kaunein aamuisin

Tapio Heinonen wasn't the first on to cover this song but his delivering of the song is by far the best. He recorded "Kaunein aamuisin" (Prettiest in the morning) in 1974 for his album "Lämmöllä". Tapio made his first record in 1968 and had a breakthrough with the song "Julian Grimau" in 1969. His dark manly voice was suited well for the interpretation of chanson -style songs for which he is famous of. The original song "Mary in the Morning" was written by 'Mr. Base Man' Johnny Cymbal, but the first hit version was done by Al Martino. Al was the smooth-voiced baritone who had a string of hits in the '50s and ’60s with sentimental ballads like “Spanish Eyes”. His career spanned five decades.

Here's the pair:

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