Friday, November 13, 2009

Che male t'ho fatto - Täytyy jotain yrittää

Danny recorded "Täytyy jotain yrittää" (I must try something) in 1969 and it was a modest size hit for him. The arrangement was done - as the rule was in Danny's recordings - by Jaakko Salo. The original song was an Italian tune called "Che male t'ho fatto" (What I have done wrong). It was performed by our, and Danny's, old friend Little Tony (see earlier Finnpick here) . It is one of the lesser known Little Tony -songs, becouse it was on the b-side of his 1969 Italian Top 20 -hit "Solo per te". But somehow it found its way to Finland and became a part of Finnish pop song heritage.

Here's the pair:

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